Portrait of an artist

It might sound a bit unorthodox, but Terry Murphy's musical journey really began in the Catholic school classrooms of the 1960's.  Whatever the motivation--fear, boredom, or a mischievous desire to be a bit of a hell-raiser--young Terry picked up the guitar and started picking along with classics like The Troggs' "Wild Thing."

He started performing in college at Eau Claire, Wisconsin in the early 70"s at open mics, coffee houses and the ever famous after bar party scene. He has continued to play at all kinds of places around the United States for all kinds of reasons, mostly for the joy of a live show with his talented music friends.

Song writing became more of a focus in the last 20 plus years. He continues to share observations and opinions about everything from politics, relationships, people, places and things. In short, life in general.

He enjoys the challenges of being a husband, father and teacher as well as a singer songwriter ...finding a balance is the key to making it all work without getting too crazy.

The Murphy clan lives outside of Waterford, Wisconsin, enjoying the darkness of summer on their front porch, watching the firefly's dance in the distance.